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Long Trail – Div 1, Day 3

Posted on 19 October 2009

Long Trail Miles: 14.3
Remaining Long Trail Miles: 258.7

Day 3 dawned cold and dry. Temperatures were in the mid to upper 30’s. We had scheduled to meet up with Diane and Lauren at the Rte 9 parking lot at noon, so we needed to get up and get started by 8:30.

After packing our gear and saying our goodbyes to the other hikers, we hit the trail…

Congdon Shelter
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Long Trail Videos

Posted on 18 October 2009

Here’s a link to the videos I shot while on the trip. High def, so dialup users probably won’t be able to watch. 🙁

Long Trail Division 1 Hike – GPS Track

Posted on 17 October 2009

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Long Trail – Div 1, Day 2

Posted on 16 October 2009

Long Trail Miles: 10.0
Remaining Long Trail Miles: 263.0

On Saturday, October 10, we left Seth Warner shelter at around 10am. The sky was overcast, and a fitful wind blew raindrops from the leaves onto our rainshells. Our goal for the day was Congdon Camp

A thick morning fog lent an eerie feel to the hike.

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Long Trail – Div 1, Day 1 – Pt 2

Posted on 14 October 2009

Long Trail Miles: 2.8
Remaining Long Trail Miles: 270.2

Relaxing after the day’s hike, Brian reads the shelter log:

Brian @ Seth Warner

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Long Trail – Div 1, Day 1 – Pt 1

Posted on 12 October 2009
Approach Trail Miles: 3.3
Long Trail Miles: 0
Remaining Long Trail Miles 273

October 9, 2009

Brian and I arrived at the small parking lot at the Pine Cobble trailhead around 10am. Parking the car and gearing up took only a moment… we were excited.

Crossing road to Pine Cobble

About to head out

The Long Trail begins at the Vermont border, which is some distance away. To reach it, we need to hike one of two access trails. After months (literally) of analysis, we chose the Pine Cobble trail, which starts in Massachusetts.

Start of Pine Cobble trail

Start of Pine Cobble Trail

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And so it begins

Posted on 8 October 2009

Brian and I have been planning this trip for months… Section 1 of the Long Trail – a 270 mile long trip through the Vermont woods.

Long Trail Planning

From the Green Mountain Club website:

Built by the Green Mountain Club between 1910 and 1930, the Long Trail is the oldest long-distance trail in the United States. The Long Trail follows the main ridge of the Green Mountains from the Massachusetts-Vermont line to the Canadian border as it crosses Vermont’s highest peaks.

We intend to hike it in sections from South to North. This weekend’s hike is a bit under 20 miles, and will take us about 2 and a half days. I hope we can ramp up the distance and duration in the months/years to come… I’d like to finish before I’m 60. 😉

Here’s another view of the trip:

Long Trail (Section 01)  Pine Cobble Road To Vt 9 | Backpacking In Vermont   Backpacker Magazine

My packweight is 35lbs, and last I heard, Brian is running in the low 40’s. I’m sure we’re overpacking dramatically for a weekender, but that’s the way of it for first timers.

The weather report this weekend looks interesting

10 Day Weather Forecast For Bennington, Vt - Weather.Com
Rain on Friday, and night time lows in the mid 30’s. Nice!

Check out this website for a great recount of one hiker’s journey. He finished
in 26 days.

I have fond memories of the Long Trail from having hiked 70 or so miles in the north with my father and the Boy Scouts. I’m so excited to be doing it again.