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Totally Amazing Deco Keyboard

Posted on 18 April 2009

Check out this Art Deco style keyboard mod. Love it, love it.

Datamancer.Net - Technical Art And Steampunk Contraptions

Looks great with the iMac too, but they have to do something about that “Mighty Mouse.” Ugh.
Datamancer.Net - Technical Art And Steampunk Contraptions-1

Flickr gets an upgrade

Posted on 14 December 2007

Flickr FINALLY updates their uploader to 3.0, adding some much needed functionality like reordering and the ability to add photos to multiple sets. Pro users also get access to some nice sounding stats (which I’ll explore once they finish activating on my account.) After months and months of nothing, Flicker is finally moving with the addition of editing and these enhanced tools.


Amazing Apple

Posted on 23 October 2007

Apple stock is up to 186.16 today, a single day gain of 11.80 per share. Apple’s Market cap is higher than IBM at the moment. Think about that…

Here’s a great story about what it took to get to this point. Makes me wish I bought more shares when it was at 119 a few months ago.

iPhone helps Apple earn juicy profit.
How Apple Can Keep Its Value
Apple profits soar 66 percent as Mac sales exceed 2.16 million

Top 10 Dead or Dying Computer Skills

Posted on 25 June 2007

The list, via Computerworld. Interestingly, I’ve dabbled in several items on the list over the years (Cobal, SNA, cc:Mail, Powerbuilder, Netware, and PC Network Administration.)

Fortunately my current area of expertise (SAP) is going strong and figures to be for many years to come.

The “Beast” and the Beauty…

Posted on 30 March 2007

The “Beast” and the Beauty…, originally uploaded by Squidly.

We received the new computer yesterday without complications. FedEx allows you to redirect delivery to a different address by printing off a form from their website and hanging it on your door.

The new computer is a Mac Pro 2.66 GHZ machine with the following “extras”:

2Gig of Ram
500 Gig Hard Drive
16x dvd “superdrive” (for playing & burning dvds)
FInal Cut HD Express (the “Consumer” version of FInal Cut Pro video editiing software)
Radeon x1900 video card

Installation was a snap. I pulled my old pc out, plopped this one in, and hooked my Mac-Mini up via a firewire cable. After launching the Mini in “target-mode” by holding down the “T” key during bootup, the Mac Pro was able to pull all my mail, applications, and other files over and replicate them on my new machine. It took awhile to drag 50 Gig of data over a firewire cable (about an hour), but after that was done I had a machine that felt the same as the one I left.

Except a WHOLE lot faster.

I loaded up the Mac version of World of Warcraft and patched everything, and was stunned to see the difference. On my old 3Ghz Windows PC I’d run at 1920×1200 with numerous other settings at their minimum level, and get 28-30 frames per second. On the Mac Pro I run at 2560×1600 with *everything maxed* and get 58-60fps.

The video card surely makes a difference, as the Windows pc uses a Radeon 1650 Pro.

I’ve also done some initial testing with iPhoto, Photoshop, and iMovie. Everything flies. Even Photoshop which is running under Rosetta is markedly faster than it was on my Mac-Mini. Yeah I know…”duh”…right? 🙂

This beast of a machine will last us a very long time.

My new monitor…

Posted on 21 March 2007

WoW. In more ways than one., originally uploaded by Squidly.

30 inch Apple Cinema Screen


Posted on 23 October 2005

If you’re a fan of digital photography, you have to check out Apple’s new product; Aperture.

Take the tour, and watch the 3 videos. It’s targeted for professionals, with a price point ($499) to match, but I can’t stop drooling over the features. So fast. So clean. How they are able to do this with RAW photos is beyond me…those things are huge.

Must fight the urge to drop 10k on a new computer and 30inch flatscreen to go with.

Body strong…mind weak…

Some day it will be mine…oh yes…