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Way Cool Zork Map

Posted on 18 September 2007

This is like the geek version of the holy grail.

Picture 1-6

I spent an hour over at Web-Zork after seeing this map again. The first non Apple pc game I played was an Infocom title named “Suspended” on a Digital Rainbow 100 (and yes, I had the “mask box“, which I later foolishly threw away.

I ended up playing all 3 Zorks, Enchanter, Sorcerer, Spellbreaker, Planetfall, Deadline, and Infidel (which rocked, btw.)

Image link sent by Bribo

Fallout 3

Posted on 15 September 2007

 Wp-Content Uploads 2007 09 Wp-Content-Uploads-2007-07-Fallout1-1-Tm

20 Fallout 3 Questions answered. On the one hand I’m totally stoked that there’s going to be a Fallout 3. On the other hand, I’m leery of any game that uses the Oblivion engine. My big problem with Oblivion was the scaling enemies. Foes that adjusted difficulty to your power (or lack thereof) in the game. That game dynamic just killed all of the fun and challenge of Oblivion for me.

Fallout is all about tweaking your skills and perks. If the enemies scale based on how powerful you are, then what’s the point of all that glorious tweaking.

That’s right – there is no point. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they don’t blow it.


Posted on 15 June 2007

Check out this game…


Posted on 27 April 2007

Jeff Harrell has a great review of Ambrosia’s latest game “DEFCON“. If you were a geeky kid in the 80’s, you loved the movie War Games. DEFCON puts you in the war-room, and the “birds are in the air”.

It’s dead simple, and I doubt it’ll have much staying power after a half dozen games (although the 6-way multiplayer holds promise), but when you first see that world map, it’s absolutely evocative.

$25, for Windows and Mac. (!)

The “Beast” and the Beauty…

Posted on 30 March 2007

The “Beast” and the Beauty…, originally uploaded by Squidly.

We received the new computer yesterday without complications. FedEx allows you to redirect delivery to a different address by printing off a form from their website and hanging it on your door.

The new computer is a Mac Pro 2.66 GHZ machine with the following “extras”:

2Gig of Ram
500 Gig Hard Drive
16x dvd “superdrive” (for playing & burning dvds)
FInal Cut HD Express (the “Consumer” version of FInal Cut Pro video editiing software)
Radeon x1900 video card

Installation was a snap. I pulled my old pc out, plopped this one in, and hooked my Mac-Mini up via a firewire cable. After launching the Mini in “target-mode” by holding down the “T” key during bootup, the Mac Pro was able to pull all my mail, applications, and other files over and replicate them on my new machine. It took awhile to drag 50 Gig of data over a firewire cable (about an hour), but after that was done I had a machine that felt the same as the one I left.

Except a WHOLE lot faster.

I loaded up the Mac version of World of Warcraft and patched everything, and was stunned to see the difference. On my old 3Ghz Windows PC I’d run at 1920×1200 with numerous other settings at their minimum level, and get 28-30 frames per second. On the Mac Pro I run at 2560×1600 with *everything maxed* and get 58-60fps.

The video card surely makes a difference, as the Windows pc uses a Radeon 1650 Pro.

I’ve also done some initial testing with iPhoto, Photoshop, and iMovie. Everything flies. Even Photoshop which is running under Rosetta is markedly faster than it was on my Mac-Mini. Yeah I know…”duh”…right? 🙂

This beast of a machine will last us a very long time.

Ragnaros down…

Posted on 3 March 2006

Ragnaros down…, originally uploaded by Squidly.

Kurinnaxx down…

Posted on 27 February 2006

WoW2006_22, originally uploaded by Squidly.

Our guild did an Ahn’Qiraj 20-man run last night, and managed to down the first boss, Kurinnaxx, pretty easily.

The subsequent boss, Rajaxx, was a different story. I think we wiped 4-5 times before giving up for the evening.