Rachael Ray

Posted on 11 September 2003

Cooking goddess Rachael Ray has all gone and posed herself for FHM magazine. Check out the pictures here and then rush right out to buy a copy for your “collection”. Mmmm mmmm good.

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  1. Bribo wrote on: 11 September 1:49 pm

    I already own her 30 minute meals cookbook. A GREAT chili recipe in there. If you didn’t know she is from northern NY not terribly far from your parents house, Bill.

    Glad to see she’s getting more “exposure”. ;)

  2. brian wrote on: 23 September 1:46 pm

    she is very hot. i’m glad that others think so too. i think rachel doesn’t know how hot she is though…


  3. seth wrote on: 30 September 4:44 pm

    is she ever hot!

    i’ve been nursing a crush on her since i started watching her show.

    she’s adorable.

  4. phil wrote on: 22 October 7:04 pm

    she is so very hot!

  5. lindsay wrote on: 30 October 9:45 pm

    Im a female so I don’t think rachael is “hot” but she is fun to watch and she makes up some good looking food. peace, lindsay from IL.

  6. jmasta wrote on: 30 October 10:26 pm

    She is the hotest of all the cooks!!!
    and her food looks good too!!!

  7. Bart wrote on: 3 November 4:40 pm

    Does anyone know if there are any pictures of her naked ?????

  8. Gord wrote on: 4 November 4:41 pm

    I LOVE this girl.

  9. Greg wrote on: 7 November 9:13 am

    Rachael, will you marry me?

  10. Holly wrote on: 8 November 9:41 pm

    I think Rachael is hott, and I am a girl. Though I am a dyke, that explains it.

    And what’s better, I JUST MET HER, IN PERSON TODAY! Talked to her, she put her arm around me, took pictures, it was fabulous.

    She is a wonderful person, very nice, great attitude. She was doing a book signing in my town, and even though the stupid people at the store wouldn’t let me in the line, because there was “too many people” After it was all over I walked up to her and asked if I could have a picture, because they wouldn’t let me in line, she was like “OH SURE!” She was beyond cool about it.

    Anyway, thought I would share.


  11. Zack wrote on: 10 November 6:47 pm

    She is the BEST…love to date her..marry ME

  12. james wrote on: 18 November 7:48 pm

    Rachael is a sweet little girl
    but she lightened her hair and doesnt look as hot now
    and it looks like she is putting some fat on that ass
    and what is starting to really be annoying is her little fake laugh that she does that i never noticed before
    but yeah I wouldnt kick her out of bed for eating cookies

  13. djg wrote on: 25 November 3:58 pm

    Does anyone know Rachel’s birthday?
    I’d like the year as well as the day and month if you have it.


  14. Edward wrote on: 2 December 6:53 pm

    A whole message board dedicated to Rachael Ray that isn’t on the foodnetwork.com website — this is great! Go Rachael!

    P.S. I was wondering if she’s still doing book signings. I’m always the last to know anything, and I just learned a few weeks that she has a new book out (which I will most certainly get). If anyone knows, please post it here!

  15. James wrote on: 9 December 6:34 pm

    Rachael is great. She is so pretty. Have any of you guys seen that anti-rachael hate messageboard they have on some other site….it’s really obnoxious.

  16. RR Fan wrote on: 11 December 3:10 pm

    Is there anywhere to find a schedule of where Rachel Ray might be doing a book signing?

  17. DJS wrote on: 16 December 3:31 pm

    Hey Guys! I Love Rachael Ray! I love her sooo much I would grope her right there on the set of 30 minute meals!!! OMG I wish she was doing a book signing in my town (Hazleton, PA)! I would be the 1st in line. Omg! I watch her every day! There is another site out there that makes fun of Rachael! Mean people out there!! I Love Rachael Ray! Anyone seee her Burger King commercial! Damn, shes sooo cute! Rachael, if you see this, email me! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  18. DJS wrote on: 16 December 3:32 pm

    Rachael, Will you marry me?! Email me with your response.

  19. jon wrote on: 27 December 6:15 am


  20. Mr. Robotron wrote on: 20 January 8:23 pm

    She’s turbo hot.

  21. DANTEZ wrote on: 23 January 7:53 pm

    PEACE !!!!!!!!

  22. DANTEZ wrote on: 24 January 1:29 am


  23. Anonymous wrote on: 27 January 6:47 pm

    Have yall seen Rachael’s sweetie because I have,he is cute

    Posted by Cylenthia

  24. Ni wrote on: 3 February 5:35 am


    I love you plus all the things you’ve done in this world, keep up the LOViN!!(Phoenix, AZ)

  25. Alex wrote on: 8 February 3:25 am

    Rachel is beautiful, witty and sexy! She will have a successful career!


  26. Jess wrote on: 14 February 9:46 pm

    Yes, certainly the cutest thing on the food channel. Her 30 minute meals always look so yummie I hope this babe never leaves us. I love you RachelJess from Azusa, California

  27. Jess wrote on: 14 February 9:49 pm

    Happy Valentines Day Rachel!JessAzusa, California

  28. william wrote on: 15 February 1:51 pm


  29. Norma wrote on: 15 February 3:32 pm

    I really love to watch 30 minute meals. I have made a lot of her recipes and there are awesome. All though for some reason they take me more than 30 minutes. LOL

  30. alex wrote on: 1 March 9:45 pm

    yeh she is so hott man. i watch 30 min meals everyday just for her cute laugh and that face she makes when she eats her food at the end….oh man haha. yeah does anyone know of a schedule for her book signings? id LOVE to go to one. anyway, shes awesome. and i think shes so sexy cuz she cooks, think about it, thats hot. peace out.

  31. Cliff wrote on: 2 March 8:05 am

    I have to agree with the rest of you. She is the hottest thing that came to cooking. Does anyone know if she has a boyfriend or a husband? I never hear anything about that.

  32. dena shaw wrote on: 3 March 11:30 am

    I watch you everyday and enjoy your quick receipes. Great put together means and I do like your little laugh.

  33. Brad Hoesman wrote on: 10 March 10:23 pm

    I’m sorry to see that she sold out like so many others have. She really did not have to do those pictures in that magazine.

    Oh well, there goes another person, corrupted by fame, money and power.

  34. Bill wrote on: 8 April 4:28 am

    Hey, why did you remove my post?

    Face it. Rachael Ray is not that hot. Oh, those chubby arms, that flab roll underneath her unsightly figure with tiny boobies and a large butt to match. sorry, i hate to rain on the parade, but anyone who thinks she’s hot is wrong. you may as well make love to a can of crisco. it would feel the same, but without the annoying voice.

  35. skipdawg wrote on: 8 April 4:30 am

    I Love her!

  36. Groovy Grape wrote on: 16 April 3:58 pm

    Rachael Ray is brilliant! She is down to earth, talented, and ooh so sexy! What more could a woman ask for: humor, ability to cook, well traveled, and she can speak italian in bed….DELICIOUS! Hopefully she is proud of that body of hers. {GRIN!}

  37. Tony C. wrote on: 21 April 3:33 pm

    The first time I saw Rachael Ray that she was on $40 per day show and I really like her smile and I love the way that she talks. I beleive that Bill was using a few of unfriendly words about talking about Rachael Ray. For example,”make love to a can of crisco”, & ,”Oh, those chubby arms” Rachael Ray is hot or not that is very subjective.

  38. phoenix phoenix wrote on: 21 April 4:42 pm

    When were the FHM picture taken… She looks HOT!
    I saw her on a $40 a day when she was in NYC and she look at lot larger…

    She still looks hot…

  39. Caren wrote on: 27 April 6:46 pm

    I think Rachael Ray is just adorable! (No I am not a dyke lol) I have a handsome fiancee! We are dying to know her birthday! Does anyone know?

  40. David wrote on: 28 April 8:42 pm

    There are no words to describe how I feel towards Rachael Ray. I don’t know how to cook because when ever I watch her show I can not pay attention to the food, for all I see is a radiant beauty that is like an endless sunset and a meadow filled with wild flowers put together. That is enough from me; I just hope that I am so lucky as to meet an angel as beautiful as Rachael Ray when I die.

  41. Sean Harrington wrote on: 25 May 1:03 pm

    Just want to say that I watch Rachael every day (even have a nickname for her- Ratch), and I LOVE her $40 a day show. she’s cool and down to earth and never seems to be in a foul mood, and i love her raspy voice.

  42. jon wrote on: 30 May 5:22 pm

    “fat on her ass…”

    women, don’t sweat these kind of cats, who speak as if “fat on her ass” is a *bad* thing.

    y’all can keep the crackheads, rachel is a perfect size.

    who’s focusing mainly on anything but her perfect smile anyway?


  43. KEN wrote on: 18 June 6:00 pm

    please drive my boat,luv u hon.

  44. Time for Thyme wrote on: 5 July 6:52 pm

    I think Rachel Ray is hot as all bloody hell….am jealous though because I read recently that she was seen “hanging around” with the famously reclusive author M. Dylan Raskin. oh well there goes another hot chick taken by a weirdo.

  45. Kevin Kocian wrote on: 24 July 2:46 am

    Rachael Ray is so beutiful I would marry her anyday. I hope her boyfriend treats her well. I would. I love her show and her cute little laugh. I would do anything for a date with her.

  46. jeremiah wrote on: 29 July 6:24 pm

    i still luv u hon…. a northen new yorker fan… alias ken…

  47. Michael w. wrote on: 9 August 3:55 pm

    Rachael ray is so damn fine!!!
    Screw that euro-trash bitch nigela!!
    Give me the sweet/Hot and sexy rachael ray!!
    With her raven black hair.
    Carmel brown eyes.
    And peaches and cream skin.
    And the body of a goddess.
    No fake silicone or plastic body parts.
    All natural and yummy as hell!!!
    Not to mention her sweet fine ass botty!!!
    Shes not just cookin in the kitchen.
    I love how shes smart and ditsy at the same time!! AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!
    And i love it when she say the word yummy
    with that little crinkle in her nose.
    And i love it when she calls her father DADDY!! I love a daddys girl. They are just
    the best. She can cll me daddy in that soft baby voice anyday!!! AWWWWWWW!!!!!
    I love you so much baby!!!!


  48. Eddie B wrote on: 12 August 8:55 pm

    What a doll Rachel is!!!I would crawl on my knees for 20 miles to kiss the tires on the Laundry truck that picks up her panties!!!!!

  49. Jill wrote on: 15 August 11:44 pm

    I am a girl and i think rachael is GORGEOUS! i love her smile, her shining hair, her cute laughs, her enthusiasm about food, her stories about her friends and family, the cute face she makes when taking a bite of food as if its the best thing she has ever eaten, and she has a beautiful curvy body! any guy who says different is a loser and ugly just for saying those things..and notice there are more men who love rachaels body than who dont!

  50. Bill wrote on: 17 August 3:29 pm

    One web site described her as a “thirty-five year-old,” though she doesn’t look it.

    As for me, I go for Queen’s philosophy:

    “Fat-bottom girls, you make the lovin’ world to ’round!!!!!”

    I would follow Rachel’s fanny anywhere and eat her table scraps.


  51. RC wrote on: 28 August 12:46 am

    She is so damn sexy and funny. She is like real people not a celeb. I would love to meet her and just say Hi, and get a peek at her great ass lol

  52. john wrote on: 30 August 2:11 pm

    just about the HOTTEST thing on the tube & she cooks!!!

  53. Michael. wrote on: 1 September 2:03 pm

    Rachael ray.

    Rachael ray is
    what a real woman should look like.
    Nomore of these paper thin maxim bimbos.
    With their rib cages popping
    through their shirt.
    Where we can see their hearts beating.
    Shes healthy looking.
    Not fat/Not skinny.
    Shes just right.
    Nomore of these mealy vegan/Vegetarian chicks
    with their pastey dead like skin.
    They look like one of george a romeros zombies.
    Rachael eats real food./
    And she looks so fucking fine because of it.
    And i want to marry her and make some beautiful babies
    for the world to see.
    Knowing the fact the sexy rachael ray is mine.
    And mine only.
    And im not shring!!!!
    NOT YOURS!!!!


  54. Dave wrote on: 11 September 12:04 pm

    It’s nice to see a girl enjoy eating. I’m tired of girls that are scared to eat just because they feel it will make them fat when they are way too skinny. In saying that, not nice to see girls that just only eats. Rachel is very active. She’s a definite hotty.

    She has a perfect smile… refreshing.

  55. Anonymous wrote on: 11 September 6:37 pm

    My wife and I love to watch Rachael Ray.
    I loved the pictures in FHM and want to see more.

  56. Anonymous wrote on: 22 September 9:52 am

    I think Rachael is great! Like most women I struggle with Hollywood’s lie that all women should be super skinny and look like a Victoria’s Secret model if they want to be sexy and desirable.(I’m definately not FAT, but you know how obsessesive we women can be over 5 pounds). Rachael has made me feel great about myself because she’s BEAUTIFUL and down to earth and has REAL substance as opposed to just lust-filled fluff. Her curves are great and my husband thinks she’s cute that way. That makes me feel good about my own body!! You go Rachael!! I think a lot of guys prefer women with just a tiny bit more meat on their bones, don’t you?????

  57. paul wilson wrote on: 22 September 2:46 pm

    Who is racheals boyfriend,isnt he some kind of political guy?

  58. Bobby wrote on: 23 September 5:20 pm

    Who is Rachael Ray!! Ive never seen the show, but all I know, is she makes my day everytime I look at my screen saver!! I guess thats why work keeps stacking up in the office, I cant seem to hit ctrl-alt-dlt to log on the darn thing!!!

  59. grant wrote on: 24 September 9:37 pm

    I always stop and watch RR for a few minutes if she’s on while I’m channel surfing. Cute smile, irritating voice. I guess that’s why God invented the “mute” button. As for her carcass, you can tell she has a tendency to get a little chunkified. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. On some chicks it works, at least while they’re young.

  60. Pamela wrote on: 26 September 1:42 am

    i love her…shes pretty,funny, and sexy( she doesnt have to have a sexy body you morons!) and shes very talented…shes my cooking idol…:)

  61. Anonymous wrote on: 27 September 12:52 pm

    Rachael Ray has a long time sweetie..his name is John, they are a perfect pair…she is a sweetie also, good natured, with a good heart.

  62. David wrote on: 27 September 6:41 pm

    i wasnt able to get rachaels pics from fhmus.com,so if anyone has them feel free to send them to my e-mail.

  63. David wrote on: 27 September 6:42 pm

    i wasnt able to get rachaels pics from fhmus.com,so if anyone has them feel free to send them to my e-mail. its lovemaster_22000@hotmail.com

  64. anna hamrick wrote on: 30 September 12:15 pm


    My brother is looking for someone to marry and have children with,he is a chef also.
    I think you would be perfect for him.

  65. Steve wrote on: 30 September 2:23 pm

    Rachel Ray has just the right amount of baby fat. Her nice plump, round ass looks like the perfect rump. Anyone who makes fun of her knows that if they were to see her naked in person, they could not resist her. I want to tie her up and make her squeal. She is the hottest thing on TV.

  66. Anonymous wrote on: 1 October 7:05 pm

    Rachael Ray has a magnificent bubble butt! I wish we could get a better look at it on her show. They always tend to cut away right when she turns around.

  67. Caren wrote on: 4 October 9:09 pm

    I love the new 30 Min Meals shows this season and Rachael you look great!!!!!!!!!! Still trying to find out Rachael’s birthday! Does anyone know? Dying to know what sign she is………I say LIBRA!!!!!!!!!!
    Part of what I love about Rachael is she is the kind of woman that BOTH men and women love! She looks like she would be a fabulous friend…..and that is so important! Don’t change a thing Rach my honey and I think you are THE BEST!

  68. Leo wrote on: 6 October 2:26 am

    Rachael Ray your a godess! Come to San Francisco allready for a book signing! You have such a beutifull face, awesome personality and Your booty is off the heezy!And your recipes rock! Marry me!

  69. RC wrote on: 7 October 10:12 pm

    Her ass is so beutiful it has kept me awake at night. Would love to see her do a Nude photo shoot. Rachael Ray is Awsome

  70. Elizabeth wrote on: 8 October 4:41 pm

    She was born on August 25th, 1968 – it’s from All Things Rachael Ray website.

  71. Blackburn wrote on: 9 October 10:11 pm

    Rachael Ray is such a gifted chef. She inspires me to cook when I don’t feel up for it, even after a long day at work!

  72. Jim wrote on: 12 October 1:56 pm

    Racheal is simply one the g*#@#@! cutest things God ever made. I don’t give a rat’s ass if she loses weight or puts it on–she’ll STILL be cute as hell no matter what.
    Cute smile, cute voice, cute personality
    /great attitude. Smart, talented. What more could a man want????

  73. Sean wrote on: 16 October 3:06 am

    I HOPE she puts on a little more weight, and I hope it all goes straight to that voluptuous booty. God, I’d love to bend her over and tap that sweet ass. I’d give her a nice spanking until her cheeks blushed pink.

  74. Pump wrote on: 19 October 12:52 pm

    Love her thick body…….

  75. Heather wrote on: 20 October 4:48 pm

    Rachael if you read this i would just like to say think you so much i love watching your shows you are always so bubbly and smiley you seem to be a really beutiful person inside and out. you have inspired me alot!!! The 30 min meal i love it becouse i am so busy keeping my nieces and nephews threw the week i really dread cooking but with your quick and easy recipes i do not mind at all and i get to cook my wonderful husband a great meal thank you so very much i appreciate it from the heart. keep on smiling

  76. Anonymous wrote on: 28 October 2:00 pm

    Yeah, this woman is a sweetie and the food
    she prepares look highly edible. She’s a
    real professional, and you have to admire

    BUT, c’mon you guys…knock off with the

    I’m sure if this lovely lady ever read this
    forum she’d just jump at the chance to meet
    some moron who writes things like:

    “Yo bitch, luv yer ass! Luv to tie ya up and make ya squeek! Luv to have you cook
    dinner then eat ya after! Marry me and let’s have three headed kids or somethin’.”

    Give us freaking break!

  77. Robert wrote on: 9 November 1:32 pm

    Where can I find the pictures of Rachel Ray everyone is talking about….the ones in FHM.

  78. steve wrote on: 10 November 5:22 pm

    Back off, Rachael and I are getting married!

  79. cal wrote on: 11 November 11:42 pm

    What the fuck are you guys writing about. Are you all fucking mad!?

    Maybe you all should get dates. I’m so glad you morons don’t live here in california. We already have way too many fucky idiots living here already. Especially you weirdos from the mid west. stay where you’re at and please don’t come here. We have a whold fucking city filled with you perverts!

  80. Maggie wrote on: 14 November 11:51 am

    If I were Rachael Ray I would be scared to read these comments…there are some crazies in crazy love with her!! She’s just a person on tv folks, get a life and meet some real people!!

  81. Ashley wrote on: 14 November 2:49 pm

    I love Rachael Ray sooooo much. She is beautiful. I hope that i grow up and look just like her. I wish that she would be my mother. She makes some good food too. I love when she goes to other places on the 40 dollars a day show. I love her sooo much. I cant say she hot either im a girl. so instead of hot i say beautiful. lol.

  82. Anonymous wrote on: 14 November 3:04 pm

    If anyone wants to meet her she is always at Pricechopper in Pittsfield, Ma. handing out recipes

  83. Ashley wrote on: 14 November 3:28 pm



  84. MJ wrote on: 15 November 12:45 am

    Sorry, fellas, it looks like Rachael recently got engaged. I read somewhere that she and her rock star boyfriend plan to tie the knot next year. Oh well, time to break out the old noose…

  85. Ashley wrote on: 15 November 5:45 pm

    I doubt it that she got engaged. It better not be true either. The big connection between me and rachael is that im italian too. I wish that she comes to mah town (paterson new jersey). I will die if she does. I hope u come Rachael It would be the most important thing in mah life. Ive been dreamin of it since i dont know when. Hope u come

    Love Ashley I love u rachael ray

  86. Ashley wrote on: 15 November 5:47 pm

    I doubt it that she got engaged. It better not be true either. The big connection between me and rachael is that im italian too. You could tell by mah screen name.I wish that she comes to mah town (paterson new jersey). I will die if she does. I hope u come Rachael It would be the most important thing in mah life. Ive been dreamin of it since i dont know when. Hope u come

    Love Ashley I love u rachael ray

  87. Liz wrote on: 16 November 2:02 pm

    Rachael is fantastic – so pretty, real and fun. Does anyone know – is she engaged? I have seen a gorgeous sparkler on her finger in her new shows and “non-cooking” shots.

    Please reply if you know…

  88. trumpeter. . . wrote on: 16 November 5:51 pm

    Hey Rachael! ! !

    EAT ME!

  89. bob wrote on: 16 November 10:22 pm

    Does anyone know what food she ate at Captain Jim’s in North Miami, florida… Thanks bob

  90. Kerry O'Shannon wrote on: 19 November 7:10 pm

    I wish Rachael Ray nothing but success with her cooking show. She is a very sexy woman, with a really attractive booty. What a backside and pretty face! Not to mention her excellent cooking, and business talents.
    What an ass! If offered Rachael Ray should probally explore the possibility of an acting career too? She is so fine and thier are jealous woman out who think the anorexic look is sexy.

  91. Keith wrote on: 19 November 9:10 pm

    She’s a total doll

  92. John Oldridge wrote on: 19 November 11:13 pm

    Hey Rachael, Just in case you should read this, I want you to know that you are a very beautiful lady, inside and out. Your cute giggle once woke me from my nap. I heard that giggle and I was awake instantly. Your shows are the only shows I watch now on the Food Network. No one else comes close to your talent and skills as a cook. If indeed you are engaged, congrats! and I wish you nothing but the best in your marriage and your career. God Bless you Rachael. I’ll be watching for you. Take Care…
    One of your many many fans…

    -John Oldridge-
    Monrovia, Ca.

  93. kelly wrote on: 24 November 6:23 pm

    Rachael Ray is soooooo sexy. I saw here at the food show in cleveland nov. 13th. She’s even prettier in person. She is exquisite !!!!!!!

  94. Michael. wrote on: 24 November 9:21 pm

    Heres how ide describe rachael ray.


    Someone would have to totally
    heartless not to love this sweet little angel.


  95. Kerry O'Shannon wrote on: 26 November 7:17 am

    I wish Rachael Ray nothing but succe$$ with her cooking show,and other business endeavers. She is a very sexy woman, with a really attractive booty. What a backside and pretty face! What a nice ass she has! not too big ,and not to small. Not to mention her excellent cooking, and business talents.
    If offered Rachael Ray should probally explore the possibility of an acting career too? She is such a gorgeous woman,who has got many woman jealous of her. Because some may have a boyfriend or husband who has taken notice of her on television. They may have saw a bit of her show on the FOODNETWORK which has caused some envy. There are those dumb asses who think the anorexic look is sexy. The skeletal refugee look,you know the unattractive flat “pancake ass” that some guys think looks good? Those morons who are jealous of her are so lame! Talented,rich and $exy? Hmmmmmm?

  96. Kerry O'Shannon wrote on: 26 November 7:24 am

    I wish Rachael Ray nothing but succe$$ with her cooking show,and other business endeavers. She is a very sexy woman, with a really attractive booty. What a backside and pretty face! What a nice ass she has! not too big ,and not to small. Not to mention her excellent cooking, and business talents.
    If offered Rachael Ray should probally explore the possibility of an acting career too? She is such a gorgeous woman,who has got many woman jealous of her. Because some may have a boyfriend or husband who has taken notice of her on television. They may have saw a bit of her show on the FOODNETWORK which has caused some envy. There are those dumb asses who think the anorexic look is sexy. The skeletal refugee look,you know the unattractive flat “pancake ass” that some guys think looks good? Those morons who are jealous of her are so lame! Talented,rich and $exy? Hmmmmmm?

  97. Camm wrote on: 26 November 4:28 pm

    She makes great food, has a great personality and is a super cutie. Hey!! I want one!! :)

  98. Donny wrote on: 27 November 12:06 am

    I also have this crush on Rachel Ray. She has such a great attitude and smile. Yea, she is not skinny; real women have curves. Her bootie is just fine with me!

  99. Anonymous wrote on: 29 November 5:16 am

    I watch 30 minute meals to learn to cook. I watch 40/day to get sneeks of her beautiful feet.I love them.

  100. John doe wrote on: 3 December 11:00 am

    Rachael Ray is one of the hottest girls i have ever seen. I watched her show for a while befor noticing her fine ass. My sister said, “man she has a big butt” n i was like holy shit that is one hot ass. I tend to watch the show more and i dream about making love to her on the 30 min meal set. SHe is so bangin its unbelievable

  101. Danny wrote on: 8 December 1:38 am

    Does anyone have a picture of Rachael Ray’s feet? I’m dying to know what this little hottie’s feet look like.

  102. brett wrote on: 8 December 12:37 pm

    not only is she hot but she has the sexiest feet i have ever seen!!!

  103. brett wrote on: 8 December 12:38 pm

    not only is she hot but she has the best feet i have ever seen!!!

  104. john wrote on: 8 December 12:46 pm

    i saw rachael ray at the cleveland food show and she was cooking barefoot!! she let me take pictures of her feet and offered to autograph them, let me tell you, the y are very sexy!!! small and perfectly painted red toenails. forget about eating her food, i want to dive into her feet. and i think she is into it the way she let me loOk at them. VERY HOT!!

  105. Sir Danithor wrote on: 9 December 2:32 pm

    Sorry to break it to you guys, but Alton Brown is roughly 300% cooler than Rachael Ray. ‘EVOO’? Come on.

    Don’t even try to bring up the gal from Everyday Italian. Say what you will about Rachael, but at least she doesn’t look bulemic.

    Still though… how you’re attracted to her is beyond me. I can watch about five minutes of her show before I have to turn of the TV.

    To conclude: Alton Brown? Godlike. Rachael Ray? Annoying.

  106. sandra wrote on: 9 December 11:44 pm

    rachael is a cute little thing,I would date her,hey why not?

  107. Ruben wrote on: 12 December 4:14 am

    I think Rachael is the hotterst thing on television right now..I just fell in love the minute I saw her. I wish there was more pictures of her out there….

  108. robert wrote on: 13 December 10:30 am

    rachael is sooooo sexy, have you seen her feet? PERFECT !!!! forget her cooking, i’m diving into those toes

  109. steve wrote on: 13 December 2:08 pm

    rachael, great show, even my wife thinks your hot

  110. Jose wrote on: 15 December 6:02 pm

    And I thought I was the freak… Anyway, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who’s been admiring Rachael’s shapely booty.

    You mean she cooks, too…? :)

  111. Leah wrote on: 17 December 6:20 pm

    Are there any other girls out there who think RR is simply delicious. I would love to make love to her. I would worship her body with adoration and no doubt lose myself on the first tender kiss.

  112. jimmy wrote on: 18 December 8:38 am

    rachael is ok but that laugh she fakes on every show is what makes her not so much fun to watch // as for hot shes avarage nothing special shes just a woman doing a cooking show .

  113. Tama wrote on: 20 December 3:24 pm

    Hey, I was at the Food Show in Cleveland November 13th. Racheal is perfect! Her new highlighted hair, her skin, her BEAUTIFUL body! Come on, she looked soooo perfect!

  114. thomas jenkins wrote on: 23 December 6:30 pm

    She is very cute and has a great smile, with “the girl next door” look going for her I think she got it going on. And a good cook too.

  115. thomas jenkins wrote on: 23 December 6:38 pm

    I didn’t know she posed for fhm, I was suprised to find this out cause I didn’t think she would ever do something like that, now don’t get me wrong, i love the photo’s, sje looks great, I didn’t her body was that hot, but at the same time it kinda takes away her “girl next door” image for me, I still like her and thinks she has the best smile going right now but I was just suprised to see the photo’s and who knows maybe one day she just might show that cute buut too hehe

  116. elf wrote on: 28 December 6:42 pm

    RR is engaged. she was definitely wearing an engagement ring on the last episode of Inside Dish and she told raven simone (the guest) “the man i’m marrying cooks for me.” i haven’t seen the ring on 30 minute meals yet, it must’ve happened pretty recently.

  117. Jay wrote on: 31 December 9:41 pm

    For those of you who seem to think rachel is fat, she did a spread for FHM magazine. Hate to burst your hate parade bubbles, shes not fat. She has a gorgeous thick athletic build. Dont hate the playa, hate the game, brotha……….Jay from cleveland

  118. Jen wrote on: 1 January 1:25 pm


  119. thom wrote on: 4 January 10:12 am

    very cute

  120. Me wrote on: 11 January 7:54 am

    I’m SO fucking SICK of hearing about Rachael Ray. She’s NOT all that. She’s even a seel-out. HOW SAD! Get a life y’all.

  121. Dan Willis wrote on: 13 January 10:10 pm

    I love to watch Rachael when she prepares meals, but one thing that almost gives me a heart attack every time I watch her, is when she chops anything. As a Chef from long ago I learned never to chop with your fingers straight out. I’ve seen many a cook loose a finger that way. Not to mention that many thousands of people are watching and can learn the wrong way to chop. Any cook knows that you chop with all fingers pointing down, so that your fingers act as a guide to keep the knife snug against your fingers while you cut. There are many close up shots of her rapid chopping with her fingers straight is an accident waiting to happen. It only takes one slip for her to get a serious injury.

    God Bless, Dan Willis, concerned watcher

  122. Michael. wrote on: 14 January 11:37 pm

    Even though my heart sank
    when she said she was getting married.
    But i wish her and her soon to be husband
    a happy marriage.

    If you really love rachael youl
    would wish her lifelong happiness. No
    matter who shes with. She has atleast
    earned that.

    Just to know she wont be alone
    and has a man that will love/protect
    her puts a huge smile on my face.


  123. Julie wrote on: 23 January 8:37 pm

    Has anyone noticed that she recently had a nose job and liposuction or something? She has a tiny nose now (no where near as cute) and her ass isn’t as pleasanly plump as it used to be…

  124. bill q. wrote on: 4 February 9:23 pm

    My most favorite part about this babe is her big round ass and little boobs. She’s so hot in all of her chubby goodness. In fact, I bet she never shares the food with the staff of her set, but eats everything before the last credit rolls.

    Get with it losers, she’s a PIG!

  125. Anonymous wrote on: 5 February 1:33 am

    Does anyone know who Rachael Ray’s fiance is?

  126. Deanna wrote on: 5 February 2:31 am

    Hey you guys, I just found this rachael post thingy, I want to let you all know that When Rachael was in town at the Cleveland Food Show I got to cook with her Nov 14th that was a Sunday! I have pics and everything. Oh she even let me stay with her after we cooked and I sat with her and did autographs!! it was the best ever. My dream come true! Email me if you want pics. I got the best pics of Rachael! Mauratr2377@yahoo.com. Thanks Deanna

  127. Deanna wrote on: 5 February 2:34 am

    Rachael’s Fiance is John Cusimano and he’s a laywer in the city of New York, also a band member of the band called “The Cringe”. Her Birthday is August 25th,1968. Oh and she’s getting married Sept 2005 in Tuscany Italy. Any more questions you all want me to answer? LoL Thanks Deanna

  128. Anonymous wrote on: 5 February 5:03 pm

    she is a hot one!!!!!!!

  129. matt wrote on: 13 February 12:57 am

    Rachel, it is beautiful how you always pay tribute to your grandfather.I was wondering if you would consider doing a show base upon food in the bedroom. Stay sweet and sexy. You are the best.
    LOVE, MATTHEW in San francisco

  130. ken wrote on: 14 February 6:23 pm

    new yorkers need to stick together…luv u hon…..watch u every day….use your recipes…..i was born to early.. my loss………… ttfn.ta ta 4 now…..kkwb…kraby ken wood butcher….we need a cabin in the woods!!!!!!don’t we….

  131. jennie wrote on: 16 February 4:05 pm

    i love her shes to cute and a nice prison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!shes the best in foodnet work

  132. Deanna wrote on: 16 February 6:11 pm

    Rachael is the best, and I just want to say to those who’ve met Ms. Soon to be Cusimano ( Rachael ) you guys are awesome. I’ve met Rachael more than I can count.. Seriously I’ve met her over 12 times. So I guess you’d say we’re friends now. Haha. Do you guys have pics of her from when you met her in person? I have lots but I’m only trading with those who have pics of Rachael. Sorry! Email me! Rachael is the BOMB DIGITY!

  133. sam bowens wrote on: 16 February 6:30 pm

    I love rachael ray she is very sexy and for the jackass the say her is not you need to take a good look at her smile.

  134. Anonymous wrote on: 19 February 11:59 pm

    Rachael Ray us sooo hotttttt!! Yes, I am female but damn she gets better looking every day. In the beginning of 30 minute meals she looked rather prude but now she is so damn fine. She looks way better since she has highlighted her hair and has been growing it out. Wow, I just lover her. Rachael, come to St. Louis!

  135. Deanna wrote on: 20 February 11:36 pm

    Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that theres a $40 A Day Marathon going on tomorrow starting at 9:30am!! I can’t wait. Im going to watch it. For the last comment made by the girl… I totally agree with you. Im a girl myself but yes she is damn fine and hot as hell. You should see her in person though let me tell you… in Rachael’s words ” Yummo” LOL She’s so tiny and skinny in person! She’s fragile looking. Cute as always though! I’ve seen her in person over 12 times too. Cooking with her was always a dream of mine and Im glad that came true. What a blast! LoL I’ll never forget that. See ya guys later. Keep watching Rachael!!!!

  136. Joe wrote on: 21 February 10:45 pm

    I am so in love with Rachael!!! I want her to come to my house and cook a meal for me, i will make her the desert…. if you know what i mean.

  137. MaineRizza wrote on: 23 February 9:23 pm

    It’z ya boy Maine,Commin from the mean streetz in Chicago, SOUTH SIDE, WHAT! All my partnaz in tha hood are feelin’ RACHAEL RAY’S PHAT ASS! We Luv that juicy booty over here on 69th Street. Skinny FLAT asses are out. If ya don’t believe me watch BET UNCUT (Wed, Thurs, and Fri. at 2am Central, 3am Eastern, 12 pacific). RACHAEL RAY and her PHAT NICE ROUND ASS can come to tha hood anytime. She gets a free pass. F*ck J-LO, Rachael Ray is what’s hot in tha streets. Baby got back, ya heard. Do ya thang Ma. Make it Clap. I’m out. CHI-TOWN WHAT! Keep it hood!

  138. Deanna wrote on: 24 February 10:55 pm

    Hi everyone, I have some sad news. I just recieved a letter from Rachael in the mail ( yes we write back and forth) that Boo her pup just died last weekend. Poor Boo. She was at an annual vet visit, they did an xray and she died on the table. Not only did Boo die but her 2 goldfish ( jaws and orca too). Poor Rachael. Theres an article you can read. The link is http://www.miami.com/mld/miamiherald/living/10968521.htm . I read it but coming from Rachael was harder for me to read. Theres a really nice cute picture of her in that article. Thanks Deanna. Prayers for Rachael and Boo.

  139. Hobert Goode wrote on: 24 February 11:03 pm

    Rachael is what womanhood is all about! She’s funny,personable,a great cook,energetic,pretty, and has the finest rear-end on all of television.

  140. Deanna wrote on: 25 February 3:12 pm

    Hi All just wanted to let you know Rachael is going to be on David Letterman tonight! Hope you’ll watch. I know I will.

  141. maggie wrote on: 8 June 8:19 pm

    what is the stuffed porkchops resape?

  142. Andreas wrote on: 14 June 10:16 am

    i watch ur show all the time just 2 look at that body because its hott hott hott

  143. Dwhita wrote on: 20 June 11:56 pm

    Does ne1 know how to get an autographed photo of RR? I want to get one!

  144. Dwhita wrote on: 21 June 12:13 am

    Has anyone ever eaten at the Cape Cod restaurant once operated by her parents? Just curious how the food was? Was little RR running around in there back then?

  145. chuck wrote on: 27 June 10:31 pm

    ^^^^^dude…anybody who says rachael ray is fat or chubby must have a SMALL PACKAGE. she is perfect the way she is….my wife is a brown skin version of her….DAMN….I cant wait to get home

  146. YAC wrote on: 5 July 7:13 pm


  147. holly digiacomo wrote on: 5 July 9:05 pm

    dear rachele ray
    hi how are you im fine so how is day been i realy love your show im a huge fan of yours so when is your birthday my april 9 i have red hair brown eyes me and my boyfirend name rob waches your show all the time i was wonder how can i meet you and realk get to know you so when are you geting marry i was wonder if i can have a autograf pitcher of you if you want to e-mail me hear is my e-mail hollydigiacomo@yahoo.com or hollydigiacomo@hotmail thank you for all you do for us and keep us health and helping people loses wight we all love you holly digiacomo

  148. b wrote on: 6 July 6:04 pm

    It makes me sick that my husband had to call me at work whining because she got enganged

  149. Another whining husband wrote on: 11 July 12:16 pm

    I was sad when she got engaged too :(

  150. Gina wrote on: 13 July 6:12 pm

    Next to Paula, Rachele is MY favorite.
    She’s down to earth with a great personality! Congrats on your engagement, He’s a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. Natasha "Kansas City" wrote on: 14 July 12:16 pm

    Rachel Ray is so inspiring and yes I am addicted to her show and Giada’s show. Rachel keep it up you are amazing! Your new clothing attire is hot too : )

  152. DJ Furshpan wrote on: 19 July 7:36 am

    I don’t understand why she is slammed by the food snobs I think her shows are great and help alot of regular people both the 30 min.meal show and the $40 a day.I really like that one it is fun to travel to different places and find good food at good prices.so leave her alone and let us enjoy her.

  153. FoodNetworkJunkie wrote on: 19 July 12:37 pm

    Yeah, RayRay is decent-looking. But anyone who says she’s gorgeous is trippin’ – maybe you’re from some poor, suffering, hottie-starved region? I give her a B- on looks.

    As for cooking, her recipes are so-so. My wife and I have made several, and they’re usually good. Never outstanding, but that’s the price you pay for ridiculously simple cooking with basic ingredients. Again, if you think the food is excellent, you’re probably someone who grew up with Wonder Bread and Spaghetti-o’s.

    Her presentational “style” is atrocious, however. I feel like I’m watching a ditzy pre-teen girl on speed. She uses the same adjectives and phrases over and over – I’m guessing she got about a 400 on the SAT Verbal test.

    Overall, a mediocre cook with a mediocre show (30MM). I won’t go into her other shows, which I cannot stand to watch at all – and I dread the new show that’s soon to come.

    Why can’t Alton Brown have 4 shows? He actually has the talent and creativity to do something worthwhile with them!

  154. ryan wrote on: 19 July 5:28 pm

    Damn, I’d love to slam that fat little ass!!! But I’d have to put a gag in her mouth so she would SHUT THE FUCK UP!! I swear she talks just to hear herself, but she’s fuckin’ hot!

  155. Paul wrote on: 22 July 1:13 am

    Rachael Ray is a snotty bitch. She is phony. What y’all see on tv is her tv persona. she is a radical insensitve bitch in reality.

  156. Elvis wrote on: 24 July 1:54 pm

    She can sit on my face anyday. Elvis has left the building.

  157. Sean wrote on: 26 July 12:36 pm

    Rachael’s detractors need to GET A LIFE!!!! This is a woman who has created a niche for herself doing what she loves, and in the process helping people such as myself who don’t have cooking expertise to prepare good meals in a hurry. And get this…SHE’S SUCCESSFUL! Stop hating! So what if you dont like her little quirks. I think Alton’s cool but I don’t think I could take two shows of him let alone four. She’s doing her thing and reaping the benefits, and I say more power to her. Haters will always be there no matter what you do. They have to be ignored and eventually they’ll go away.

  158. Wayne wrote on: 27 July 6:22 pm

    Rachael is soooooo hot. I love looking at her cute little titties and that luscious ass of hers. She’s got a beautiful face, awesome hair, and a smile that knocks my socks off.

  159. Anonymous wrote on: 31 July 6:41 pm

    She used to be cute and nice. Now she looks hyper with a rusty voice. I don’t like her shows anymore and wish it would be replaced with the other guy, who cooks in a budget.

  160. A.M.R. wrote on: 10 August 1:40 pm

    Man, what is is with people having no appreciation for a fully curvaceous female body? The Barefoot Contessa lady — now there’s someone who’s a little too big. But man, Rachael has nice, ample curves in all the right places. And she’s as cute as a button. Her show is great for people on the go, and for people like me who will never be Bobby Flay in the kitchen. I dig Unwrapped too, and the Calorie Commando, and I always enjoy Good Eats. But when it comes to quick, easy meals, put together by quite a hottie, I’ll take Rachael anytime.

  161. karen wrote on: 13 August 4:33 pm

    i think rachael ray is soo awesome!!! she’s my idol. i aboslutely LOVE to cook and am going to go to a culinary school to be a catering chef! =D but she’s soo much fun to watch. and i don’t think there was one episode that i didn’t actually “laugh-out-loud.” she’s always so happy and friendly looking. and i think she’s cute. i love her books too, so easy to understand and lot’s of fun!! wooooo!!! rayray!!!!!! (that’s what my mom calls her.:-P)

    and btw, if you don’t like her, why post so many negative things about her? i mean, it’s kinda of rude for those of us who do think she’s great. and people who saying bad stuff about her are probably just jelous of her, or out to be obnoxious. there =) i was just reading some of the posts and i was like “sheees!!!”

  162. karen wrote on: 13 August 4:36 pm

    oooh! does anybody have her home address? i wanna write to her or something! =) thanks!!

  163. Diz wrote on: 26 August 6:29 pm

    Is Rachel still engaged? I saw her show today on engagment parties and she was talking about turning 30 and everyone getting engaged but the way she was acting was kinda like SHE herself isn’t engaged anymore and she wasn’t wearing her ring… Did they break up?

  164. Tom wrote on: 1 September 8:29 am

    Rachel is a hottie. Who can be a cute italian girl who can cook and loves to eat???

    I was just flipping through the channels and caught her on the Oprah after show. I guess she’s 37 – thought she was younger than that.

    Does anyone know where I could get the FHM photos, I think they have taken them off their website.

  165. Tom wrote on: 1 September 8:31 am

    Who can *beat* ~sorry~

  166. Justin wrote on: 5 September 11:31 am

    If Rachael Ray is trying to get to my heart through my stomach she has succeeded. I love her little puppydog boobies.

  167. Mr. D wrote on: 9 September 11:06 pm

    Rachael Ray is the most annoying one on an otherwise great network. Look at her mouth, it is all weird. It’s sideways or something. I too noticed the “EVOO” then she explains what it means practically EVERY time. Sir D. your body desc. was right on…

    The show’s a sham anyways, it takes at least 30 mins to prep all that she has and she undercooks everything.

  168. Nicky wrote on: 11 September 11:38 pm

    Rachael is fine as hell, and her personality goes perfectly with that beautiful smile.
    If Mr. John Cusimano can’t handle his bidness, I’ll be around. Hell, I might steal her from him. Who knows..

    Hope my girl never reads this..

  169. jim wrote on: 20 September 2:43 pm

    you can sign up early for her new mag at http://www.everydaywithrachaelray.com

  170. Y'all are so funny! wrote on: 28 September 8:49 pm

    I have just read two years’ worth of Rachel Ray comments from you gentlement (and some ladies) trying to find out about her wedding in Italy on Spetember 24th. I was looking for some scoop you see: on dress, dinner, wine, what went down, etc.

    But I got extremely distracted and very amused by all the “she’s hot” postings x 1,000. I love you guys for finding this website and saying it loud and proud that you like a TV cooking show host! Personally, I think her jeans are way too damn small for that booty, but that’s me and I like guys.

    No breasts either, but apparently some of you enjoy that look.

    The guy with the rap talk from Chicago, you cracked me up. Women never really know what guys think until they type it on an anonymous website!! Not that I am complaining.

    XOOXOXOXOX, from the girl in California who loves guys who tell the truth about what is hot to them….

  171. Y'all are so funny! wrote on: 28 September 8:50 pm

    I have just read two years’ worth of Rachel Ray comments from you gentlement (and some ladies) trying to find out about her wedding in Italy on Spetember 24th. I was looking for some scoop you see: on dress, dinner, wine, what went down, etc.

    But I got extremely distracted and very amused by all the “she’s hot” postings x 1,000. I love you guys for finding this website and saying it loud and proud that you like a TV cooking show host! Personally, I think her jeans are way too damn small for that booty, but that’s me and I like guys.

    No breasts either, but apparently some of you enjoy that look.

    The guy with the rap talk from Chicago, you cracked me up. Women never really know what guys think until they type it on an anonymous website!! Not that I am complaining.

    XOOXOXOXOX, from the girl in California who loves guys who tell the truth about what is hot to them….

  172. Kara wrote on: 30 September 3:51 am

    Rachel Ray is OKAY…geez people dont even know her personally and giving her nicknames and whatever else…yeah shes cute- yeah she cooks great meals…but shes a human being just like the rest of us…oh and making fun of her body image is petty not to mention idiotic…I dont have anything against her but I wouldn’t go as far as talking aout her like she is a GOD- come on people- contain yourselves!!….

  173. Rachael Fan wrote on: 7 October 10:00 am

    Rachael’s new site just launched!!!!!! — check it out:

  174. Lisa wrote on: 8 October 12:00 am

    If any of you have an address to write Rachel Ray personally, please email it to me. I would be greatly appreciated.
    I love Rachel Ray. She is my favorite person on tv period. Thanks!!!

  175. Meat wrote on: 10 October 4:05 pm

    Hey, “ya`ll are so funny”….Big butt, small boobies, dark haired beautiful Italian girl! What else could a guy ask for? Rachael is a super hottie!

  176. DJ wrote on: 13 November 12:06 pm

    Rachael, for the first time seeing your show I found u attractive from the start. I was busy changing the channel and your sexy smile caught my eyes, and then the rest was history!!!!!!!! I wish i could meet you in person but unfortunately that’s a dream. I know u know how u get these compliments all the time and no disrespect to your man, boyfriend or husband, whatever u have, I wish u were mine even if it was for a night

  177. DJ wrote on: 13 November 12:09 pm

    I like ur personality though also and u seem like the woman I could have as a wife, or in a committed(not bullshit but serious)relationship. Love U

  178. BIG D wrote on: 20 November 1:13 am

    I just gotta say I googled “Rachel Ray got a PHAT ASS” and wouldn’t you know it people agree with me she is smokin hot plus she can cook. And I agree with another statement someone wrote. She probably doesn’t know how hot she is. Which makes her even hotter!!!

  179. BIG D wrote on: 20 November 1:15 am

    I just gotta say I googled “Rachel Ray got a PHAT ASS” and wouldn’t you know it people agree with me she is smokin hot plus she can cook. And I agree with another statement someone wrote. She probably doesn’t know how hot she is. Which makes her even hotter!!!

  180. I Love Rachel wrote on: 21 November 5:23 pm

    The FHM link doesn’t work – looks like they might have pulled her pics off the server….

    Sounds as if a LOT of people have extreme infatuations with Rachel – including myself. Her All-American Girl-Next-Door cuteness, and the fact that she doesn’t TRY to be sexy makes her irresistable. Every guy I know that likes her and watches her doesn’t talk about it because they think other’s don’t think she’s that sexy…

    Obviously what she’s got is taking her to big places – she passed Emeril as the most watched Food Network personality, and she just got into a partnership with Oprah!

  181. Rachael Ray's Biggest Fan wrote on: 27 November 10:09 pm

    I found them! You can find the FHM pics here:
    durzy slash rachelray10252003 dot htm

  182. Renee wrote on: 3 December 1:07 am

    Rachel Ray is awesome.I love her 40 dollars a day, although that does add up to $1,200 a month which is a hefty price tag for some grub!

    I wish her continued success and think it’s awesome her fame came accidentally.
    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. Thirty minute meals is great too. She’s the kind of person you’d want for a friend. Chipper and funny. Love when she stacks 100 items up to her chin and makes it over to the garbage bowl. You go girl!!!

  183. Gene wrote on: 9 December 11:58 am

    rachael~you are so very unique an sexy,i love to watch you,an just to hear you speak,so full of happyness,ps.all due respect~you have the sexyest butt ever,it would be neat if you could ever write back,ty Gene from Erie Pennsylvania

  184. Nonail wrote on: 11 December 7:56 pm

    Opposing opinions should be allowed here.

    Rachel Ray is ugly, obnoxious,loud, immature, untalented, and OVER-RATED!

    No, I am not jealous. I have no reason to be.
    I just see her for what she really is.

  185. sepp wrote on: 13 December 5:00 pm

    Rachael was just here in Chicago for a book signing.I went to the one in Skokie and when I saw her I got a Chubbie right away.She is sooo hot,I’ve made love to her many times in my fantasies.I never miss any of her shows,I wish I could take her out to eat or eat her out,I don’t care.Oh Godd!

  186. Karen wrote on: 13 December 10:26 pm

    You guys are freaking CREEPY.

  187. A wrote on: 14 December 4:00 am

    At first Raytards show was bearable but now she is definately on something. She runs around that kitchen at like 1000 miles per hour and swings her arms around like a maniac. Her laugh is realling annoying and her voice is getting cracky. She says EVOO and then tells us what it is!! That is truly stupid. Her face is definately weird and she has put on quite a bit of weight from the first episode until now. I have heard that she was nice when she first started out but I have read stories now that says she is a total bitch. Maybe the success has gotten to her head. 40 dollars a day isn’t any better. She acts very childish in public like screaming bravo at a restaurant after the opera performance. She was the only one who screamed at all. Then feeding her “sweetie”. That was like a 12 year old girl on a first date. I saw her block party episode where she cut into a watermelon eating contest and won and then bragged about it. Her opponents were like 8 and 10 year old kids. That was really bad. She is immature. The Jay Leno show was bad too when she joked about a vegetable peeler or something and needing it when she was away from her hubby. That was really gross and out of place. She was also getting kind of snippy with Jay when he wasn’t doing something “fast enough” for her. She has really no talent at all. It is weird all of the posts by the guys they are bordering on obsessive. One last thing. On 40 dollars a day how come everytime she has something to eat she has to moan like she is having an orgasm that is truly disgusting.

  188. Isis Raen wrote on: 14 December 6:52 am

    Rachael Ray is a no talent drunk that’s starting to get on everyone’s nerves. The only people that don’t have a problem with her are the men that want to probe her butt. All I see on here is how “sexy” you guys think she is. I don’t see that many commenting on her recipes…

    PS: If you think she’s sexy, I’d hate to see what you guys consider a dog…

  189. Rachelite wrote on: 14 December 5:15 pm

    wow! Some of the women folk are getting very snippy with Rachel! LOL

  190. some broad wrote on: 14 December 6:10 pm

    are all these guys for real?..i would guess they would drool over giada but rachel?..hmmm… but honestly though..you guys just sound creepy…

  191. beth wrote on: 14 December 7:25 pm

    Does anyone ever wonder why Rachel isnt enormous? lol She’s always saying “Oh I love to snack on this all night long, ” and stuff like, “I’m a big eater, man, and i could eat three of these by myself”…Or, Theres nothing i like better, than to cozy up by the television at night, and snack all night long”….etc…. i wonder how she kEEPS her stomach so flat. well, i luv her anyway…her show’s interesting.

  192. Isis Raen wrote on: 15 December 9:06 am

    Have you look at her ass lately??? Thats where it all goes…

  193. Nonail wrote on: 15 December 7:19 pm

    Isis, you go girl!

    Raytard’s stomach is NOT flat! It lines up even with her chest, which should not be.

    Looks like her arms really share the EVOO with her butt!

    As I saw at some forum (maybe this one?), if she could switch her butt with her chest, she would look MUCH better.

    Then she still has to tone down her personality and THAT MOUTH!

    That body in FHM is NOT hers, or it is air-brushed! If that’s her body, then I’m Heidi Klum’s identical twin, James Bond is real and I am married to him!

  194. Bill wrote on: 15 December 9:20 pm

    Giada’s head is way to big for her frame! She’s pretty, but looks like a bobblehead doll at the same time. Rachel’s definitely has an ass you can grab on to. I would think the women here would like the fact a lot of guys seem to appreciate the NON stereotype barbie doll. When it comes down to it I think it’s her perkiness and goofiness that draws guys to her. (and guys that like big bubble butts. lol)

  195. Isis Raen wrote on: 16 December 7:08 am

    Oh yes, it warms my heart to know that all the men are attracted to an ADHD, no-talent bitch that has the mentality of a 9 year old, an ass that requires its own zip code, and the face of the Joker from Batman.

    That makes those of us that actually have a rack feel so much better about our chances of landing a man. Whatever shall we do if we can’t grow our ass like she has??

    She’s one of those women that all the guys go nuts over because she’s so sweet and so funny, meanwhile she’s stabbing all her friends in the back. Take a lesson from the ladies guys, SHE’S A FAKE!

  196. beth wrote on: 16 December 6:11 pm

    In what way is she stabbing her friends in the back? and how would u know that?
    youre so obviously jealous of her, it aint even funny.

  197. Leo wrote on: 17 December 10:25 am

    Dear Isis,
    The only thing fake is your rack! Do you actually realize how jealous you sound? Or how clear it is that YOU are actually the back stabber? Rachael is perfect in just about every way. Especially beautiful with a great body. Who cares if she is not a chef!!! How many people who cook at home are, or enjoy watching chefs who are impossible to follow?

  198. isis_raen wrote on: 18 December 2:08 pm

    Oh yes, I am jealous of Rachael Ray. I so long to have the voice of a chain smoker and constantly look like I’m hungover…

    Jealous, I am not. Angry, I am. She’s untalented and laughs way too loud at her own jokes that aren’t even funny. Food Network needs to get her off the air. I take great offense to her constant blabbing about how she’s half Cajun and half Italian. I am Cajun, and none of the crap she cooks can be classified as Cajun food. I have friends that are Italian that say the same thing. The more she tries to make herself appealing to the public, the more foolish she becomes.

    And you people have some nerve getting in my face about the way I sound. I’m not the one up here saying “Oh Rachael I wanna f**k you in that big ass of yours!” or how about “I love you Rachael! Lets get married and have lots of kids!”

    Can you guys say… STALKER?! Get a life people…

  199. beth wrote on: 19 December 8:16 pm

    dear isis–sounds like youre the one who needs to get a life. Im sure the food network knows what theyre doing in hiring Rachel, which was verified by her immense popularity. Seems like you need to deal with the fact that Rachel is on a roll, and quit crying in your milk. The color green doesnt become you, my dear. Also, Julia Child became beloved despite her little goofs and quirks, actually, Because of them. She dropped things, spilled things, and Nobody would would argue her appeal to this day. Grow up and aim your pitiful spitfire Elsewhere.

  200. Mr. P wrote on: 21 December 12:02 am

    It is good to see more women on TV but I agree with Isis, it is pathetic the way some of you idolize Rachel Ray! Turn the damm TV off, read a *$%# book or come up with your OWN cooking style! It is amazing how the media manipulates stupid middle America – “I’m sure the food network knows tha they are doing” just listen to how you sound….it is SAD.

  201. beth wrote on: 21 December 9:46 pm

    Mr P
    why should i turn the tv off and read a book?Because You say so?? just listen to how immature that sounds.and, if you knew anything about cooking, Youd know that “having your own cooking style” has nothing to do with enjoying and gettin tips from cooking shows DOUBLE DUH and by the way, most sane people watch cooking shows for recipe ideas, unlike your types who get their thrills by bashing someone cruelly for no apparent reason other than to get their jollys in their own twisted way. Some people enjoy cooking shows, a normal healthy hobby, quite unlike yours, it seems.

  202. Brian wrote on: 24 December 8:39 pm

    Rachel Ray is the cutest and sexiest woman on TV today! Not only can she cook, she is bubbly, friendly, pretty and has one hot body! I’d ask her to marry me in a heartbeat!

  203. Cindy wrote on: 27 December 2:15 pm

    I was saddened to find out that Rachel Ray posed for those FHM pictures. Women should not pose like that, it was far too suggestive. I would like to think she had a little more respect for herself, but apparently not.

  204. Alton Brown wrote on: 1 January 7:45 pm

    Lol….Poor Isis is so jelous of our dear Rachael that she can hardly stand it! If she is sooooooooo annoying to you, then why do you watch the show? Isis….if your FACE looked HALF as good as Rachael`s BUTT, then you would be better looking then you are today!

  205. beth wrote on: 8 January 7:48 pm

    lol alton. so wicked true.

  206. dick_fitzwell wrote on: 10 January 11:56 pm

    With the size of her mouth and teeth, it looks like her mom mated with Mr. Ed.

  207. eric wrote on: 14 January 10:57 pm

    I to have noticed this
    “EVOO – that is – Extra Virgin Olive Oil”
    She can’t just say “EVOO”
    Does it not ruin the point of an acronym when you say it, and then say the full version EVERY TIME!?!?!?!

    If that’s not enough -

    Unbelievable.. what really got me laughing was this statement from that website:
    “Rachael Says “EVOO is extra virgin olive oil. I first coined “EVOO” on my cooking show because saying “extra virgin olive oil” over and over was wordy”

    Then why do you do it on your show?

    I can’t watch her show without taping my head with two rolls of duct-tape.

  208. Joe wrote on: 22 January 8:22 pm

    Miss Ray’s cooking is usually the kind of things that are practical for “regular people” to do at home. The food items taste good and are reasonably priced. Of course many of her dishes aren’t super fancy but her show is about making FAST meals. As for her looks… I’m sorry ladies but she really is a beautiful woman. I personally think large or small boobs are pretty but my favorite size are the smaller ones.. like Rachel has. I think smaller breasts are supposed to be the more sensitive ones. I’m pretty certain that Rachel Ray would be a fantastic lover but you know, she just seems nice and fun.
    Of course I am another man who not only loves to cook but is also infatuated with pretty Miss Rachel Ray. She’s smart. She’s sweet and she likes to cook and have fun doing the kinds of things that common people like to do. It sure would be great to go on a short hike with Rachel in one of the Phoenix area mountain parks then go back to her place for a hearty and healthy dinner. It sure would be fun helping her make that meal. We’d share some wine while I massage her tired feet and listen to her thoughts.
    I think one of the things I like about Rachel is that she comes across as a beautiful but approachable and considerate woman. She’s certainly would make a wonderful girlfriend or wife for a man who just wants to be with a kind woman. This is so silly writing about a TV cooking show host but Rachel Ray is also a very real and lovely woman.

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